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Crown of Thorns™

Unisex Christian Ring
Material:14K Yellow Gold
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Crafted for believers of all denominations, our CROWN OF THORNS ring captures the essence of enduring faith in a tangible, wearable form. Inspired by the powerful biblical icon of the Crown of Thorns, this unisex ring is a profound statement of humility, sacrifice, and redemption. It is a constant reminder of the trials one overcomes through faith and the unconditional love surrounding us.

The Crown of Thorns Unisex Ring is meticulously fashioned from premium 14K yellow gold, celebrated for its lasting durability and refined aesthetic. The thorn motif, undulating around the band, offers a tactile representation of the original crown while providing a compelling visual interest.

Despite the complex design, the ring offers a comfortable fit, ideal for everyday wear, and suited to any finger. Perfect for individuals seeking a potent emblem of their faith or as a thoughtful, heartfelt gift for a loved one, CROWN OF THORNS is more than jewelry - it's a conversation starter, a symbol of belief, and a source of strength and inspiration.



Weight: 5.82 DWT (9.05 grams)
Gender: Unisex
Material: 14K Yellow Gold
Approx. Finger Size: 7
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