The Stories Behind our Christian T-Shirts (Episode 1)

At Glor-e, we are dedicated to sharing, through our products, the love of God for mankind. When designing our Christian tees, we combine inspiration from the word of God with insights from our personal experiences. We bring our apparel lineup to life with the main purpose of sharing with you the blessings we have experienced so far from our walk with the Lord. We do this to inspire and empower you so you can inspire and empower your world in return. We hope that you will find the stories behind our Christian t-shirts as inspiring and touching as we continually do.


The Christian t-shirts in this issue

  • Anchored Faith
  • Peace Be With You
  • Pray Wait Trust


We bring our apparel lineup to life with the main purpose of sharing with you the blessings we have experienced so far from our walk with the Lord.

What inspired the designs of our Christian t-shirts

1 - Anchored Faith | Unisex Short-Sleeve Christian T-Shirt 

White man wearing a yellow Anchored Faith Short-Sleeve Christian T-Shirt | Christian Apparel |Glor-e

The inspiration for our Anchored Faith design is from Luke 1 verse 37. Our faith should be anchored in God’s truth that He is with us in everything that we are doing or going through. He knows best. Such faith is an anchor that will keep us steadfast during rough times and troubled seas. We all have had our fair share of rough times but God's faithfulness has brought us out every time. We trust Him and keep our faith anchored in Him. We created the Anchored Faith Christian t-shirt to be our reminder of that truth. We sincerely hope it will be such a powerful reminder to you as well.



2 - Peace Be With You | Unisex Christian T-Shirt

White woman wearing navy Peace Be With You short-sleeve Christian t-shirt | Christian Apparel | Glor-e

When designing our Peace Be With You t-shirt, our inspiration essentially came from Luke 10 verse 5 as Jesus was sending his disciples into the world and instructing them to declare peace to any household they were to set foot into. In our attempts to follow His footsteps every day, we noticed that, as Christians, we often forget to declare peace wherever we set foot into. Vlad' and I thought about designing a tee that will not only remind us to share the Lord's peace but also help us passively do it. We worked on that idea and brought our Peace Be With You Unisex Christian T-Shirt to life.


3 - Pray Wait Trust | Unisex Short-Sleeve Christian T-Shirt

White plus size male model wearing a black Christian t-shirt from Glor-e

As Christians, our first reflex when we find ourselves in desperate situations is to pray. Sometimes what we pray for does not come immediately. This is where we need to be patient and wait as our Father in Heaven is faithful and His timing, perfect. Vlad and I have been in situations where the waiting and trusting God's timing have been the hardest part of the process. We designed this tee to remind you to wait patiently for God whatever the situation you may be going through for His timing is perfect.

Please, feel free to comment below and let us know which story inspired you the most. If you already own one of the tees featured in this post, please share with us how it impacted you and your world since you owned it.

We have so many more stories to share with you in our upcoming posts. Until then, stay inspired.